The Functions of Law of Attraction and The Art of Love Relationship Series

Manifest Love

Some people think that it is impossible to find a romantic love relationship. Of course, you have to throwaway such kind of perception. In fact, it is possible for you to find a romantic love relationship. One way to get a romantic relationship is by practicing the Law of Attraction method. If it is your first time to practice this method, it is better to read the complete information below.

The Way to Use Law of Attraction to Get Beloved One

For your information, the purpose of using Law of Attraction is to create specific energy of being ready and whiling to have someone share your life. There are several things you should know about the use of this method. First, you should raise your vibration. The way to raise your vibration is being a happy and cheerful person. The vibration attracts the right person to you. The vibration leads you to get the same people so make sure that the vibration is good and positive. The second thing you should do is be happy. Happy is not about what you have especially the material things. You are the source of your happiness. It stated before that if you are happy it means you are attracting happy people to come closer to you and finally you will found your beloved one. It is also important to have a passion and it is the third thing you should do. Having a passion means your life will be full of energy, enthusiasm and happiness. The stronger you share this vibration the stronger people come to you. Definitely, you have to be attracted by other people. Just talk each other and show your interest to them. Don’t forget to smile and share your love vibration. Just share your love vibration to anyone you know. Again, this vibration will come back to you and find the right person to love. On the other hand, smile gives emotional impact. Even, you can change your bad mood to good mood only by smiling to other people.

This simple activity can also share good vibration to them and attract happy people come to you.

Special Event to Get Your Love Passion Back

There is also a case that your love relationship faded during the time. It seems that you don’t have any intention to your beloved one anymore. Before bad things happen just take your time to come to The Art of Love Relationship Series. This is an online event and you will be guided by the bestselling author and love ambassador namely Arielle Ford. By following such kind of event, you can learn several important things about love from the expert. For example, you will learn to communicate effectively and reliably to express your love desire. Moreover, you will get fun tips about keeping your love relationship fun, playful, and even full of amazing sex. You past love experience can be a problem which affects your future relationship. This event helps you to let go the past and welcome the new beloved one. It is also the right place for you to give your love passion and vibration back. In short, just learn a little bit about love vibration above and come to the event to make it perfect. Then, see the significant impact to your love relationship.


Connection 101: Keys To Talk and Understanding Women

There is many confusion and common question from men about how to talk with women. It’s being cliche that the reason is when men talk to one another and when women talk are entirely different. But, the real question is how they differ? Actually men be prone to think logically, therefore when women talk, they look for emotional connectors. Hence, by understand this, a men can have an advantages over other males. Therefore, these are four simple yet effective tools that can be use when a men beginning a conversation, so they can make a connection with women and get the girl code.

coffee date

Learn: Asking a questions or make a women tell something about themselves.

Confirm: By talking about the topic, a man can be assure that he confirm have heard the conversation.

Appreciate: A man can give appreciation by showing that he likes her more because the “thing” that the women has told him, or that he suddenly find something special that he didn’t see before. By doing this, a women will realise that the man understand something about her that nobody else before understand. The moment of appreciation will create attraction and create addiction.

Share: When a women already opened up and share something, anything.. Now it’s the man turn to share something with her. Sharing is not about making a statement to a women like “I like travelling”, hence tell that women why he like travelling. The moment a guy tell why he like travelling, it is the moment that fell they have shared a moment and the women able to connect. However, there is a great tips to use the word “Because” when talking to women can swell the simple statements and triggers to inject emotion.

Therefore keep it interesting, fun, and light. Don’t over share and throw up many information. A man can start and share more private information as they get to know a woman more.

Begin to use those tools and man can see a difference in the way women perceive them and repond to them. Those are a keys to get the girl code and really understanding women. Hope this articles helps, and you can learn more on this site Crack The Girl Code Review.

Buying Health, Buying Time

The old adage says that you can’t buy time – but today I want to challenge that thought.

Surely, we all have 24 hours a day, and at the end of the day, time is the ultimate resource that you can’t recreate. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do to make it feel like we have more time.

There are things you can do to “create” more time for yourself and your family, and quality of life in general, but the one I want to look at today is being healthier.

You see, recently I started exercising on a routine schedule. This is one goal that’s been on my mind for years now (close to a decade), but I’ve only got around to it this year. One of the things that made me procrastinate for such a long time is the thought that exercising will take up a lot of my time.

To a certain extent, it is true – exercising does take around an hour every day or two especially when you are doing a diet or fat loss plan that is custom made for you. However, a while back I heard a life coach say that it could actually add more time to my life.

How does that happen?

Because of health, obviously. When you are in good health, you can do all your tasks better and faster because you have more energy and focus. You enjoy yourself better because you feel more satisfaction from a job well done – this in turn inspires you to perform better and better.

Exercising also gives you a boost of energy, so you don’t only do things faster – you can also do more things at the same time. This means that if you have a side project you’ve always wanted to start but felt like you never have the time for it, exercising might just help you get that extra energy you need.

You can also sleep less hours because you sleep better – no more time spent being wide awake in bed trying to fall asleep. When you are properly exercised, your body will sleep the moment you hit the sack, simply because it has to sleep so you can repair the damaged cells.

There are many great benefits you get from having a healthy and fit body. Besides looking good, you will have a higher quality of life – you will feel less stress and less prone to being upset because your body is in a state of balanced hormones too. Even so, you have to pay attention to what your body specifically needs such as explained in the Venus Factor, because it affects how well your health will be.

These are the reasons that I feel personally has happened to me (and I’m writing this right now after a workout session). I think too many people are obsessed about the final outcome that they don’t get to enjoy the journey along the way – and often times, that is the best part!

There are a lot of choices if you want to start exercising, and you can take a look at this Venus weight loss program that includes great exercises to get you started. You can also start small and just do what you can today – and eventually you will feel the benefits of good health.

Wisdom Nuggets: Start Small and Stop Stressing

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force … We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”
–Max Planck

I listened to a seminar last night by Wayne Dyer that talked about how important it is to start small. Whenever we want to pursue a new goal in life – whether it be a better education, career, or more rewarding relationships – we always plan so big that we forget to take baby steps.

Coinciding with the beginning of the year, it’s true that there are probably twice as many people doing new goals now than there is in any other time of the year (and this number returns to normal by the end of January). Putting this into consideration, it is wise then to apply Dr. Dyer’s advice and start working on your goals using simple and small baby steps.

Dr. Dyer isn’t the only one who mentions the importance of starting small. I’ve read and followed many successful authors and motivational life coaches, and almost all of them come to this same conclusion. In fact, one of the earliest nuggets of wisdom in life I received was by the wife of a highly successful financial expert. She said that the key to success is to

“… start small, expect to make a lot of mistakes, and keep your education going.”

Besides the benefit of actually bringing your goals closer to reality, there is a secondary benefit from starting small: you prevent a lot of stress, because you aren’t overwhelmed by everything you do.

When you do this right, you maintain a clear vision of what your goal is, but you also pay attention to the detail. This means, you never lose sight of the forest for the trees and you don’t get bogged down in details.

Even so, none of us are exempt from human error – which is why it’s wise to take preventive measures so you don’t get overwhelmed by stress. I am sure you know many stress reduction techniques, such as deep breathing and even meditating, but one of my most favorite methods is a technique based on old Chinese medicine, such as the popular EFT Tapping.

This method is applied acupressure on certain points on your body, also known as the meridian points. It’s a very simple and effective way to reduce stress, as long as you do the technique right. You can read more about how to do meridian acupressure on this site that reviews the 2014 Tapping World Summit.

Many people have reported great results using Tapping therapy, even for illnesses they thought they would have to deal with for the rest of their lives. In some cases, even just a few sessions of using Tapping can heal a serious case of pain or injury the person has been suffering for decades. It’s no wonder this method works so well, because it is based on an ancient wisdom that is proven to work over the ages.

I believe that the wisdom of ancient eras hold the key to a successful life – the challenge is to stop being so stubborn and think we know better. For some things, we do know better, but it seems for the most important things in life, we are as clueless as our ancestors were.

Romance: Revive Love With Mind and Sense

Do you recognise that romance is a simply state of mind? That’s means if anybody think that romance had anything to do with the the body, they need to think it twice. We can found romance in the mind and the heart, in the eyes, in words, music, and in beauty.

A good example is when we imagine looking at a wreck, try to think about romance. Probably, it’s a hard think to do. Therefore, go to a beautiful place, for example is beach of mountain range. Even though we doesn’t need to think about romance, it will happen naturally. Moreover, try to listen to some noises and think about someone you love. Eventually, it’s a hard thing to do to. In contrary, try to listen to lovely music, then your mind will eventually turn to someone you love.


A good thing will happen if you can combine a lovely music and love thoughts with a beautiful sights, which is a romantic atmosphere in a relatively short time. It will happen naturally, because romance and a sense is a very correlated things.

Another good tip is you can remove the stress by go in the mood of romance in no time and no cost by combines beautiful visuals, lovely music and romantic words; which is will create instant lovely romantic atmosphere quickly. You can do this in front of your computer. For example, you can read this site about How To Make Him Fall in Love – while listening to lovely music.

Romance is a gift from life that really enchanting. You are have to be grateful if you are in romantic love. You have to enjoy love as much as you can because one day they will eventually disappear. Time is never go back, which is same with romance. Then, hope you bring your romance now, and enjoy the bliss!

Women and Drama

Women and DramaHarvard Medical School carried out a scientific study survey that found out women were thrilled when a men showed emotion, usually when their partner or husband is upset. They are believe that this is part of the healthy relationships, because it showed the man strong investment and betrothal in their time together.

By that means, women have a deep affection to set in emotion for relationship drama, and encourage drama in their life. This explains that there is an old saying that ‘nice guys finish last’, because an dutiful, stoic, and honourable male is relatively boring according to most women because they doesn’t create an emotion or swoon to them.

Ironically, it’s only women that needed drama to reassured that they are being loved – when a man don’t need drama to feel being loved. Moreover, overly drama can be dangerous for relationships. The fact that many men feel worse when have to going through a phase of that dramatic stage.That is why although drama is important in life, but the method need to be right when women act on it. The Drama Method is one of the course that will guide women to use drama right.

Usually women are attracted to the men that can provide the drama, because they are crave for it. Thus, this information of women’s need for drama (as a sign of relationship health) can be good for the player (men) to leverage them to increase women’s sexual desire. This study shows how modern science of seduction could benefited the relationships of men and women to fulfil each other desires, by studying women’s natural, romantic, and biological sexual behaviour itself.

Satisfaction in Life: Generating Wealth through Forex Trading

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something,
when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
–Upton Sinclair

Regardless of your personal opinion, money is an inevitable part of achieving happiness. There are people on both sides of the spectrum – those who strongly believe money is the root of all evil, and those who will go to any length to make more and more money.

I think the wisest way is to adopt a belief that combines both: you know you have to work hard to make money which in turn supports your living and your health, and at the same time knowing when it is no longer worth it to sacrifice your time for money.

There is a study that reports, “the wealthier people are, the more satisfied they are with their lives”. Of course, there is no guarantee – but if you want to know the study you can find it here: “Money Does Buy Happiness, Says New Study”.

How can you begin to be more satisfied?

Group of people in a seminarThere are several ways to start building your own wealth. Since this is such a sensitive topic, many people who sell products claim that their way is superior compared to others. The truth is: any method is fine – as long as it works for you and suits your style.

One way that personally works for me is trading foreign exchange, or also known as forex. There are areas of business where you can teach yourself the trade, but in forex it’s best to learn from a certified expert, or from a reputable course.

If you are going to learn forex or any other way of generating wealth, then here is a wisdom tip: make sure you get your education from a trustworthy source, preferably someone who is doing what he preaches and also makes a living from it besides being able to teach it well.

Be responsible for your own well being

In the field of forex trading education, there are many unruly people who attempt to sell without truly providing anything of value. In order to avoid being tricked, you should be responsible for your own education and do your own due diligence if something interests you.

I’ve done my own due diligence, and have found several good courses on how to trade forex. Of course, the best ones are quite expensive (often going to thousands of dollars), but there are also good ones that are relatively more affordable, such as Daniel Walker’s course. You can read the Forex Edge Model review on this website. You also can check out Zulutrade Review site if you want to learn about automatic trading that copying trade from the best trader available online.

It’s always good to take things step by step, especially if this is your first time. Whichever path you choose to become more satisfied in life, make sure that it goes with what your conscious says.